No day without laugh

The flock of mental disorder except the man behind the camera

These guys in the frame are human being with mental disorder illness in which bring me a lot of laugh in every second of mine. Notwithstanding it ought to be little bit ashamed to admit that they are friend of mine who came from different background, culture as well. I guess they would be mad to read this one, since i have no idea to describe all of you even no intention to drive you crazy. By the way, this pict shows us have the same will in how to spend our leisure time, enjoying the nature instead of the mall.

The story was begun when we had no class a week ago, then someone among of us ignited an idea to go somewhere and another one said he had a villa in Pangalengan, that’s it. Here we went without any plan, arranged carefully because we realised by making perfect plan means increasing the level of disappointment when the perfect plan is fail even evaporate to the air. Moreover we popularized a phrase, jangan kaya orang susah, when someone of us was asking which one of fish that should we buy whether gurame or kakap, gurame more expensive than kakap, since there is someone who not be able to eat either chicken or meat. From that time on, every question comparing two thing will be answered, jangan kaya orang susah.

The sun went down followed the moon replacing as ruler of the sky. In that time a million of stars came out surrounding the moon that might come from thousand million years ago only for us, perhaps lol. It extremely true that travelling will  show us what the closeness is, the night is  the good time to reveal everything, as well as dinner session is bad time to launch in the name of joke. All of three had filled empty space among of us on the sidelines our busy days. Moment is moment, It would not be replaced eventhough repeating either in the same people or same place.

Scandal Chapter I
Scandal Chapter II

Both of pict remind me travalling not only cause closeness each other but also draw a rainbow between of two person, namely scandal. Scandal could be happened because of two factors, temperature and catalyst. Firstly, by increasing the temperature means the number of interaction each particle of closeness even seed of love would be inclining. Secondly, catalyst could decline activation energy in while someone reveal their secret to other means he/she turns the others become catalyst that are ready to realise his/her dream. I consider i am  gonna crazy when try to write this paragraph due to pretty tight schedule and a bunch of assignment.

At last this writting dedicate to our friend Imam, the funniest man in our flock, who told us he gonna crazy because we laugh all the time in every single word he say due to the way of his speech. However he is kind man and also “rusak man” at the same time. He have plan to go to Kediri in the following week to struggle what he have been starting. Mam personally i am gonna say, “Noone  in this world know what’s happened behind the scene whether the path full of trash or muddle, keep positive mental attitude my brother. We are waiting for you in the next semester, so no need to say goodbye!