Life is real life


Most of the time, the story is begun when the sun both go to rise and go to set in which my eyes is completely mesmerized  by their magnificent shine. It is such a magical that is able to absorb my mind into the deep. In addition , in my faith both of moments are the best time to pray for what i am believing and further to dispatch my feeling to other that i love.

I do not know how to explain my feeling while taking photograph above, whether or not there is no words able to describe it. To make it become simple, it is illustrating everything representing of mine.

Moreover, I am really happy by having this scenery when i was walking around yesterday to the dorm belong to friend of mine. While waiting never be boring, enjoying atmosphere that surround you instead of reading timeline over and over again. I consider that to be addict on it for a long time is the worst thing even it is really difficult to quit, wisely.

One simple thing that suddenly i got last day regarding how the life going should be. Basicly life is both inside and outside, both of while which is in your heart and others heart. Life is real, real is main life while maya is the outsider.