Fact that will make you want travel

Studies have found that money spent to travel

Will make tou happier than money spent on material goods

You’ll eventually forget about your $300 shoes

But you wont forget this…

Closer to the edge ~ Rinjani

Trip length doesn’t make you feel just as happy

All you need is a weekend gateway


Regular travellers get along with people better

And feel less anxiety in social situations


Couple who travel together report increased intimacy

The best travel accessory 

is someone you love


trip can change history

darwin was inspired by travelling to the galapagos

che guevara found himself biking across south africa  america

monet discoveres lillies when he went to arguenteuil


the ticket is usually the  only big cost

a massage in bali is $6

a dinner out in korea is $10

and you can stay in a castle in england for $150 a night


travel can actually make you smarter

frequent travellers are better problem solvers


its time to plan a trip

what are you waiting for?


This words  inspired by buzzfeed video 

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